Art and Design Application Service and art portfolio guide

Art and Design Service

Portfolio guide and application help for international students who wish to study art in the UK.

Art and Design Service

International School of Creative Arts

Applying to an art school in the UK can be extremely competitive, but the SI-UK Art and Design Service can guide you through the process step by step and offer expert advice on portfolio creation from a practicing art academic.

- Undergraduate art application

SI-UK will assist you with your application to five art schools or universities at undergraduate level in any one UCAS cycle.

- Postgraduate art application

SI-UK will assist you with your application to three art schools or universities at postgraduate level in any one academic year.

Art and Design Application Service

Under the Art and Design Service, SI-UK will do the following:

  • Pre-screen your transcripts and confirm you are eligible to apply
  • Advise on which course to apply for
  • Provide a check list of supporting documents required by the university
  • Write a personal statement on the basis of your answers to a supplied questionnaire
  • Edit all supporting documents including your CV, reference letters and any supplementary written work
  • Conduct a 90 minute portfolio review session with a qualified art and design academic
  • Review final portfolio and fill in university application forms before submission
  • Confirm receipt of the application by the university and actively liaise with the university to follow up

Portfolio review and preparation

Art and design portfolio review and preparation sessions are led by Colin Kerrigan, the Executive Director at International School of Creative Arts. These sessions provide a unique opportunity for international students to gain expert practical advice and support from a former Deputy Director of UAL and practising artist, who has exhibited sculptures in the UK and internationally.

  • Students will be given a service which is personalised to their individual needs, enabling them to develop their portfolios and acquire the background knowledge needed for their chosen educational pathway
  • Tutorials are delivered either online or face-to-face across fashion design, graphic and communication design, 3D design and architecture and fine art subjects

Art and design portfolio review and preparation is offered for the following levels of study:

  • A-level
  • Foundation
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate

Meet us today

The cost of this service is £580. If you are interested in learning more about the Art and Design Service, get in touch to arrange your free consultation.

SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. My consultant improved my chances of getting into a top university.
Carla Termini
International Business Economics at City University

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