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Applying to Oxbridge

Applying to Oxbridge involves choosing a college as well as a university. You can file an open application but applying to a specific college is recommended. Pick a place where you will enjoy living and working. Remember, some Oxbridge colleges do not offer certain subjects. Go to open days if you can, though tutors are often happy to see informal visitors. Consider whether you want a central location, a smaller community, or a thriving sport or music scene.

The deadline for applying to either Oxford or Cambridge is October 15.

Oxbridge Admissions Tests

Applying to Oxbridge is likely to involve an admissions test.

Please find full details of Oxbridge admissions tests here.

Oxford will require you to take a test before offering you an interview, while at Cambridge tests are sat at the same time as interviews. Cambridge tests are also less centralised – not all colleges set tests, and those that do (which depends on the staff’s preference, not how competitive or prestigious they are) often set their own.

Oxbridge Interview Process

Applying to Oxbridge involves at least one and possibly up to three interviews. These are not formulaic – they differ massively from college to college – but around 75 per cent of candidates will be given unseen material, such as a poem to analyse for English students. At Oxford you may be “pooled” during your interview visit and meet tutors from various colleges, whereas Cambridge will only enter you into the pool after your initial interview.

Applying to Oxbridge often involves submitting written work. This should be your best and most original work produced in the course of your A-levels or IB.

Applying to Oxbridge will mean having an interview in mid-December, the only time of the year when interviews are held.

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