MPhil and PhD Application Service

MPhil/PhD Application Service

Apply to study an MPhil/PhD in the UK with our unique application service.

Study an MPhil/PhD in the UK

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is the most common type of doctoral degree and requires students to complete a thesis on a substantial piece of research that is judged by a team of examiners. As one of the highest awarded degrees at a UK university, you will need all the help necessary to submit a successful application. The PhD Service can help you achieve that.

SI-UK’s MPhil and PhD Service can help you successfully be accepted on to a PhD degree. We will advise you on your choice of university and edit your personal statement and proposal into what an admissions panel would want to read.

MPhil/PhD postgraduate research degree

Learn more about the difference between an MPhil and PhD with our research degree study option guide.

Your MPhil/PhD application

Initial free consultation: You will meet one of our consultants to discuss your academic background and what you wish to focus on in the future and where. We will pre-screen your supporting documents and confirm you are eligible to apply.

Completion of application forms: PhD application forms can be complex and time consuming, and must be filled in with total accuracy. We will provide a check list of documents required by the university and assist with your application to three universities, editing and proof reading your CV, reference letters and any supplementary written work.

Personal statement editing: A PhD personal statement should include information on why you want to study a PhD programme, previous work experience and demonstrable understanding of your subject and its focus. We will write a personal statement on the basis of your answers to a supplied questionnaire.

Research proposal editing: The research proposal is the most important part of your application and ultimately decides whether your application is successful or not. The guide below will help you write the proposal, which we will then edit to ensure the language is correct.

Application tracking: We will liaise with the university to keep track of your application and ensure you are updated at all times.

MPhil/PhD research proposal

Your research proposal should be 1000-2000 words and include the following:

  • Area to be investigated
  • The issue, research question or hypothesis that is to be tested
  • The likely methods and techniques to be used in the investigation
  • The relationship of the proposed research to the published literature and current research in your field, and an indication of the contribution your thesis would make
  • Details of work you have already done in the proposed field
  • Your suitability as a researcher for the proposed project

The research proposal enables the academic staff responsible for selecting applicants to assess:

  • Your competence in the proposed field of study
  • Your ability to conduct a research programme independently
  • The nature of the supervision required

Download a sample of a research proposal here.

MPhil/PhD Service Cost

The cost of this service is £340. To learn more arrange your free consultation today.

SI-UK's service is fast, reliable and efficient. My consultant improved my chances of getting into a top university.
Carla Termini
International Business Economics at City University

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