How to choose an MBA in the UK

How to choose an MBA

Advice on what to consider when choosing
an MBA in the UK.

MBA Courses in the UK

How to choose an MBA in the UK

MBA courses can vastly improve the prospects and quality of your career, enabling you to reach your ultimate potential in the world of business. The MBA is an international qualification that is well-respected by employers around the world and, with the rising popularity of an MBA degree as one of the best post graduate courses worldwide, there are now thousands of business schools and an equal number of programs available to those who wish to obtain an MBA degree.

When asked which is the best MBA and which is the highest ranking MBA, it is important for students to understand that these are two very different questions.

The best MBA will vary for each prospective student depending on work experience, educational background, where they prefer to live and budget. For example, the best MBA for someone with a very strong professional and educational background with a large budget might be London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge or Imperial College. But the best university for someone who has no or very little work experience with a more limited budget might be Aberdeen or Bangor.

Generally the highest ranked MBA schools in the UK are the four mentioned above, along with Warwick, Newcastle, Bradford, Durham, Bath, City, LSE, Aston, Sheffield, Glasgow, Southampton. With such a huge and diversified choice, it becomes very difficult to know which program is right for you.

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Your Expectations

No two MBA programmes are alike and, even though they teach the same basics, they do not offer the same schedule of study. So you need to ask yourself:

  • Does this course give me the experience I am looking for?
  • Does the program include topics that are relevant to my chosen career?
  • Is the content of the course suited to my needs?
  • Do I have the required dedication to successfully finish the course?
  • Does the program offer training and real life experiences as well?

Personal Circumstances

You need to assess if a particular MBA is feasible in terms of:

  • Does the structure suit you?
  • Is the program in your area or will you need to travel?
  • Are the timings of the course convenient for you?
  • Are you free to join the course on its start date?

Financial Considerations

An MBA is an expensive program and students need to consider the financial impact of each degree. Ask yourself:

  • Can I afford the fees?
  • Will the living expenses, travel costs, and other expenses involved in the MBA impose financial stress?
  • Will I have to consider a loan to cover the costs?
  • If I do take a loan, will I be able to manage the interest on the loan and how long will it be before I can repay it?

Lifestyle Impact

  • Will I be able to balance work and studying?
  • Will I have to give up my job?
  • How will a particular course affect my family life?

Once you have asked yourself the above questions in relation to the different MBA programmes that may interest you, SI-UK can determine which is best for you and positively addresses all the above areas in which an MBA can impact on your future.

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