Social Work study in the UK

Social Work in the UK

Social Work courses in the UK

Introduction to Social Work

If you wish to make a positive change in a local community – be it the young or old – then a degree in Social Work will help a huge amount in teaching you all aspects of the role. Degrees generally last for three years, with sandwich courses available for those who wish to complete a placement at an agency or employer.

Your role will be to relate to people of all ages, race and background in order to gain their trust so you can help with any assistance they need. Patience and understanding are two key skills which are an absolute must for any Social Worker, as you are put into a number of different situations on a day to day basis. Social Work modules will tackle these issues head on as you learn about social science, social work work processes and practice, risk protection, child care and much more.

Careers in Social Work

The role of Social Work encompasses all parts of society. You will provide support and advice to the vulnerable, including family and friends. Depending on what route you would prefer, this can encompass:

  • Children
  • Elderly
  • People with learning disabilities
  • Homeless
  • People with alcohol or drug issues
  • Foster families

What are the entry requirements for Social Work?

Entry requirements vary, but Maths must be held. For international students, an IELTS score of no less than 6.0 across all four categories - reading, writing, speaking and listening – with an overall 6.5 score generally required.

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Where can I study Social Work?

To learn more about some of the best Social Work universities in the UK, please see below:

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